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Mission and goals

The Department’s primary mission is to educate cadets and equip them with English communication abilities under a globalized environment. Cadets can combine professional military skills and foreign language skills together, while dedicating themselves to military education or international exchange activities. They can also be deployed to overseas posts, receive training overseas, or even become military equipment procurement personnel. Besides English, the Department also offers other language elective courses, including Spanish and other foreign languages.

An objective is to support cadets in military schools to prepare for English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, GEPT, TOEIC, and more. To equip cadets with necessary English skills so that they can receive professional training or conduct overseas missions, our faculty members help students improve their grades with their passion for teaching and expertise. An English proficiency test for the national military is held annually to inspect cadets’ English abilities. Cadets can also use online learning materials and mock exam platforms to cultivate the habit of self-studying. Moreover, the Department also launched a program specially designed to improve cadets’ communication skills and help them prepare for the talent selection process, which sends them to military institutions in foreign countries (such as West Point, Virginia Military Institute, The Citadel in the U.S. and other renowned military schools in countries of Central and South America, such as Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua).