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Courses offered by the Department are divided into two groups: English Military Language and Spanish Military Language. The main purpose of the classes is to train military talents with English and Spanish abilities. Features of the courses and the focus of development are listed as follows.

I. Equip cadets with English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating skills, in order to provide the national military with talents for military education, overseas deployment, weapons procurement, and more.

II. Directly absorb and adopt military technologies or expertise from foreign countries through military knowledge and foreign language abilities, setting a leader role model for modern military officers.

III. Facilitate military exchanges, training, drills, and other relevant work or activities.

IV. Provide talent handling operations concerning international relations, such as assisting in visits by foreign guests and receptions of important national celebrations, as well as attending significant international conferences held overseas.

V. Provide professionals who can translate and edit military or diplomatic documents and arms sales information, while organizing various military training and drills.

VI. Improve the environment that encourages soldiers in the national army to learn English, establish an international perspective, and cultivate their ability to communicate in English.

VII. Cultivate excellent junior officers with English (and second foreign language) skills and English military instructors or teachers in the military.