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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Mechanical Engineering Department traces its origins back to the Machinery Department, which was founded in 1954. In order to cultivate in the cadets advanced knowledge relating to modern weapon systems and prepare them for further study, the Department of Mechanical Engineering was accredited by the Ministry of Education in 1999. Our department integrates into our instruction the armament procurement plans for the next generation army and primary trends of mechanical expertise. Nanotechnology, Materials Science, and Precision Machinery are also incorporated into the development plans of our department.
The focus of the curriculum is advanced military weapon systems and vehicle engineering. Through experiments based on the mechanical engineering theories, we make it possible to achieve harmony between theoretical and empirical findings and completely realize the policies: “training to meet practical needs” and “make training authentic.”
Major teaching facilities include the weapons systems displays, Ion-Beam Sputtering Lab, Pneumatic-Hydraulic Control Lab, Materials Testing Lab, and MEMS. These 15 specialized instructional laboratories, together with a fully-functional machinery workshop, provide excellent conditions for the students’ and teachers’ educational needs. Annual improvements ensure top-notch instructional equipment and facilitate the pursuit of knowledge through both teaching and research.
In order to meet future trends toward high-technology and integration of varied systems, we are currently working to develop project centers for the study of nano-technology and MEMS. This will further our aim of cultivating cadets familiar with high-end technologies, who will be competent officers in the coming era of high-tech warfare.
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