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Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering
The Department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1954 and the undergraduate program leading to a bachelor’s degree was initiated at that time. The education is designed to cultivate competent military officers who are capable of utilizing high technology weapons to complete military tasks.
The faculty members are divided into three research groups: Communication, Control, and Electromagnetic Wave Engineering. As for the facilities, there are more than 15 basic electrical engineering laboratories, which allow the cadets learning the basic theory to conduct experiments, and five higher-class laboratories, which allow cadets to do team projects and complete a research project during their senior year.
Our department’s laboratories can be classified into four categories: Electronics Labs provide experiment facilities for courses related to electronic circuits, Motor Labs allow cadets to work with electrical machinery, the Computer Lab facilitates course work related to digital systems and the Antenna Lab offers facilities for state-of-the-art exploration and training in Antenna Theory and Microwave Engineering.
To increase the teaching and learning effectiveness, the curriculum of the department emphasizes both theory and laboratory practice. More than one-third of our curriculum is dedicated to laboratory work.
Department of Eletrical Engineering