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Department of Physics

Department of Physics
On January 14, 1999, the Department of Physics was established under authorization of the Ministry of Education. In order to strengthen the armed forces, education at the ROC Military Academy is focused on philosophy, science, and military studies. The whole faculty strives to provide each of the students with the equivalent of a university education, and offer opportunities for in-depth study in the physics fields.
Our department’s research focuses on Photoelectronic Physics, Nano-material Physics, Biophysics and Numerical red Simulation Methods. Research in Photoelectronics resulted in night vision and other related technologies, changing warfare forever. Nanomaterials and Biophysics are the key to future warfare and whoever leads in those realms will reign over any battlefield. Numerical and Simulation Methods allow for more efficient budgeting and the development of more effective weaponry.
Our mission, narrowly interpreted, is to assist students in becoming familiar with the weapons systems used by the ROC Army such as fire-control systems, infrared night vision telescopes, optical telescopes, laser-guided munitions, as well as the communication systems, control systems and sensors. Our broader mission is to help the cadets to understand the general technology in both military and civilian realms by the best course design and equipment in photoelectronics systems, nano-material and biotechnology. Ultimately, we aim to develop officers who possess the preeminent knowledge and physical strength.
Departmet of Physics