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Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering
* Prospects for FutureDevelopment:
With the aim of producing qualified academic engineering officers, the undergraduate program is designed to give the students a broad general training in basic principles and to further enhance their abilities in analyzing, designing and experimental work. The program also provides the necessary courses of modern military engineering techniques. Therefore, by graduation students are prepared for work at the junior-office are level, but also prepared to fill roles in engineering management and decision making when they promote to a higher rank .
* Program Characteristic:
The main study areas in the department are structural, geotechnical, hydraulic, transportation survey engineering, construction and management. Military emplacement, tunnel engineering, military flameproof engineering and nano-materials are emphasized. The department also provides four military common courses which are surveying and mapping, military map and photo reading, military engineering and environmental science. The former two courses give students basic techniques for collecting, storing, retrieving, analyzing and displaying the spatial location of the targets which are important to C4I. The latter two courses teach our cadets how to deal with engineering and environmental issues in the army.
* Academic Research:
Improving structural design and material for military flameproof engineering.
Using GPS and GIS techniques for C4I in army operation.
Department of Civil Engineering