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Department of Management Science

Formerly it was the Department of Mathematics ,founded in 1954. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, theDepartment of Management Science was formed in 1999. In addition to themanagement track, our department has an applied math track, which hadpreviously been the Department of Mathematics.
Our department is determined to attract potential students, to develop them professional expertise and finally to mold them into outstanding officers. We expect our graduates to perform excellently to meet the national defense needs of our nation. To reach this goal, we designed two programs for students: management science and applied mathematics. The management science program consists of five key areas: human resources management, production management, financial management, information management and marketing. Applied mathematics includes: operations research, numerical analysis, and statistics and decision-making.
Both programs are structured for military managementand allow students to lay a foundation for them to succeed in the military andacademic careers. Using well-developed models and statistical theories, we aimto establish a leader and more powerful army.
Department of Management Science