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Information Library Center

The school library was set up in the "National Revolutionary Central Military Political School" on March 1, 1926, under the jurisdiction of the Propaganda Department of the Political Department. On March 6, 1928, it was attached to the Propaganda Section of the Political Department during the "Central Army Officer School." In 1937, the library was attached to the General Office of the Academy, under the jurisdiction of the Printing Office and the Huangpu Revolutionary History Memorial Hall.

During the Fengshan period, in August of 1951, it was under the jurisdiction of the Education Department. On June 16, 1949, it was attached to the section of Political Affairs.

On August 1, 1965, the library was reorganized into the Textbook Section of the Education Department.

On July 1, 1996, it was reorganized into the division of university education.

In August 2002, it was renamed the "Information Library Center" under the Military Education Regulations.

In July 2005, it cooperated with the refined measures case to compile the "Huangpu School History Museum" and the "Restoration Memorial Hall for the War of Resistance Against Japan". It was added to the "Education Exhibition Hall" in 2006.

Later, in July of 2017, it merged with the computer center to provide a capital system, book information and historical information services.