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Recruit Information

Recruit Information
Recruiting information from ROCMA Academic Section
*Application Limitation
Applicants need to participate in the exam from College Entrance Examination Center
*Limitations and Regulations
* Applicants: 17-22 years old.
* Applicants must have the Taiwan nationality only and register permanent residence in Taiwan.
* Applicants who have dual nationalities must provide a declaration of alienage. Without expatriation, the applicant will be expelled from ROCMA.
*Registration Regulation
Please peruse the latest Military College Joint Recruiting brochure.
*Graduation and Commission
The commission is based in the military requirement, combing the degrees learned in ROCMA with specialty of each branch, to balance the forces quality.
*Salary and Welfare
The related information about being a cadet in ROCMA and after graduation, please check the website: (Open new Window) or contact us: 0800-000050
*Contact Information
Wei-Wu Road, Fengshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 830, R.O.C.Military Academy.