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Q What are the requirements for admission?


1. Age requirements: a. Applicant must have a date of birth between January 1 and December 31(17 years old to 22 years old). b. Non-commissioned officers in volunteer service must have a date of birth after January 1, 1987. Non-commissioned officers who want to enroll in the aviation class of each service academy and become an aviator when graduated must be younger than 22 years old.


2. Education requirements: Applicants must be graduated from public or private high schools or obtain equivalent academic qualification.


3. Health requirement: Scores of Physical Fitness Test must be above 25 (please go to http:\\ for details)

Q enrollment and enlistment


1. Admission letter will be issued on June 5(Wednesday) by respective military college or academy.


2. The recipients of admission letter shall report to the respective college or academy on June 15 8 am-5 pm, and present high school diploma (or equivalent academic qualification document), physical fitness test result, and relevant documents in original copy. Enrollment shall be rejected if the recipient fails to submit above-said eligible documents.


3. The plebes shall go to respective military college or academy for orientation training on June 24 0800 am-1700 pm. On July 1, all the plebes of the military colleges or academies shall go to Chinese Military Academy for joint recruit training (boot camp). Plebe, who fails to report to the respective college or academy on the designated date, shall be denied his or her admission, and his or her enrollment at a later time shall also be denied.

Q What should be done if I want to rectify my enrolment record?


You can update or rectify your enrolment record by connecting to TANet, and the password required is your ID number.

Q Why is my TANet connection slow? And how should I settle such a problem?


After analyzing the network traffic, anti-virus software log file, the slow connection of TANet is primarily caused by virus infections and the websites infected with Trojan Horses, which connect with their controllers or masters taking up a large portion of bandwidth. Therefore, it is advised that users of TANet do not download and install games, movies or software from untrusted sources.

Q What is the emergency contact number for the infirmary on weekends, holidays or off-work hours?


The infirmary installs duty officer either at business hours or off-work hours, whose cellphone number is 0932497304.

Q Can journals, magazines in the library be checked out?


All periodicals stored by this library shall not be checked out. The periodicals issued in the latest year are stored in the periodical room of the third floor; while the remaining issues, which are bound, are stored in the fourth floor. Library users can photocopy the needed material in the periodicals after checking with the librarian on duty. However, photocopying must be subject to the copyright law.

Q What are the functions of the Computer Center?


Education administration section:
1. Planning and designing courses
2. Authorizing Microsoft software used in the campus
3. Planning, designing and maintaining school websites on either TANet or MINet.
4. Planning and managing annual budget

System administration section:
1. Planning and developing policy for information system development
2. Planning, analyzing, developing, installing, introducing and customizing administrative information systems in the campus
3. Planning and managing academic and administrative data bases in the campus

Network and hardware section
1. Planning, designing, and implementing computer networks in campus
2. Providing IT consultation services
3. Planning, developing, managing and evaluating IT human resource
4. Planning investment on IT equipment and procuring
5. Managing and maintaining IT equipment

Q When will the physical examination be held?


The physical examination shall be available on reservation basis, from December 1 to March 1.

Q How can an aluminum apply for a make-up certificate or transcript?


You can go to the school website and navigate to either Academic Affairs page or Alumni page for proper application form. Or, you can mail this Academy for a make-up certificate or transcript.

Q How can I get enrollment regulation?


Enrollment regulation can be obtained at military education office of each high school or vocational school, China Youth Corps office in each city or county, recruiting station in each recruiting district, or this Academy.