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The Academic Curriculum

The Academic Curriculum
The Academy's curriculum, guided by the principle of wholesome character development, stresses not only the acquisition of knowledge but also diverse fields of study and logical reasoning. In response to the trend of globalization and the need to awaken people's awareness of ethics, English and co-curricular education have become the core of curriculum design. The curriculum can be divided into core curriculum and study in the cadet's major. The 73-unit core curriculum is the foundation of the academic program and provides a foundation in literature, mathematics, the basic sciences, military engineering, the humanities, and social sciences.
In addition to the core program, the curriculum also provides the opportunity for study in depth through the 58-unit elective program. Nine academic majors are available, covering virtually all the science, social science, and engineering disciplines one would expect to find in a high quality, selective college or university of comparable size. To graduate in four academic years, cadets must successfully complete at least 131 academic units and each course in the core curriculum. At graduation, cadets earn a bachelors degree either of science, engineering, management science or political science depending on their major.