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The Student Activities Area

The Student Activities Area
North Campus:
The ten barracks in North Campus for regular cadet corps were originally built during the era of Japanese occupation. A single room can accommodate eight cadets, with the maximum capacity of these barracks 1,464. In recent years, significant renovations to these barracks have been made, especially to the roof and interior, and as a result, the quality of cadet life has been raised.
North Campus
* South Campus:
The barracks in South Campus for junior college cadets were built in1980. The barracks consist of 558 eight-person rooms, with a total capacity of 4,464. During the boot camp in summer, the rooms are often fully occupied. The soft color buildings and coconut trees around create a pleasant atmosphere for learning and training.
South Campus
* Infrastructure Renovation:
  Utility infrastructure renovation began in 2000 and completed in late 2001, with a total investment of 157 million NT dollars. Significant improvements were made to power, water, communication, and lighting systems, and an integrated management system was also developed for the renovated utility. This was the first project completed in the campus renovation and upgrade master plan.