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Cadet Study Abroad Programs

Cadet Study Abroad Programs
Off-Campus Programs:
officers with outstanding foreign language proficiency

In order to develop officers with outstanding foreign language proficiency, this Academy offers several off-campus programs for promising cadets to study in foreign military schools. Cadets with good character and academics will be selected to study abroad in either their freshman or sophomore year. After this Academy relocated to Taiwan from Chinese mainland, the first cadet to study abroad was Shue Chao-yong, attending Philippine Military Academy, and he graduated from class 1966 of the Academy. Since then, this Academy has been sending cadets to study abroad either in the military schools of United States, such as Virginia Military Institution, Norwich University, Military College of South Carolina (The Citadel), or those in Latin America, such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras. In 2000, a program was initiated between this Academy and United States Military Academy accommodating cadets of this Academy to study in United States Military Academy at West Point. The first cadet selected was Chen Wu-ling, and was commissioned as second lieutenant with this Army, when he graduated from United States Military Academy.

Exchange cadets from Malawi
Cadets from Malawi
CADET BASIC TRAINING U.S. Military Academy Summer 2003
Cadets Receiving Basic Training in U.S. Military Academy, Summer 2003

By the end of 2003, more than 80 cadets of this Academy have been selected to study in foreign military schools. Meanwhile, this Academy also admits cadets from foreign countries, such as Guatemala, Paraguay, Malawi. Currently, cadets attending this Academy are Laucli from Guatemala, Aquillera from Paraguay, and Ghambi and Chinema from Malawi. The off-campus programs, developed and offered by this Academy, really enhance cadets' awareness in foreign military cultures and the language skills.