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Academy Emblem

Academy Emblem Graphic

With the national emblem, the white blazing Sun in the blue sky, at the center of the Academy's emblem, this Academy has long been proud of its dedication to the making of this nation. The shield in the Academy's emblem shows the commitment to the protection of the nation. The rifle signifies the staple weapon long used by the Army to protect the nation. The saber shown in the emblem implies the duty of this Academy is to develop leadership for the Army. The four Chinese characters at the top of the emblem mean camaraderie, the Academy's motto; while the rice stalks at the bottom of the emblem symbolize the outstanding accomplishments of the Army in the Northern Expedition Against Warlords, the Second-Sino-Japanese War, and the fight against the communist rebellion. Each stalk has seven grains of rice, and taken together they form a "double seven," which denotes the seventh of July, the day when the Second-Sino-Japanese-War broke out, to remember the Sino-Japanese War and the spirit of nationalism displayed during the war.