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Military Training

Military Training
Military Education

During the early years after this Academy was founded, Ho Ying-chin was appointed as the instructor-in-chief for military training, and Li Chi-Shen was the executive of the training department. They both devoted themselves to the development of military training, laying a sound foundation for the military training system in this Academy. In addition, instructors, such as Ku Chu-tung, Chien Ta-chun, also played a very active role in training development.

In 1954, as this Academy changed its original two-year graduation plan to a four-year plan, instructor-in-chief for military training concurrently served as the commandant of the corps of cadets, who was not only responsible for military training but for administration and discipline. In reference to the education system of United States Military Academy, this Academy added academic education to its military training, which would be conducted in summer for ten weeks. In 1965, in pursuance of the policy of "military training first", this Academy reorientated the summer training as "military specialty development training." In 1974, the graduation plan was further extended from four years to four years and three months, reorganized into eight semesters. Academic education would be completed in seven semesters, while the military training would be completed in the eighth semester. In 1980, instructor-in-chief for military training was re-designated as instructor general. In 1990, this Academy installed a specific commandant position for the corps of cadets, and instructor general no longer served concurrently as commandant. Military training department hence separated from corps of cadets, responsible for cadets' military training exclusively. Since 1991 onwards, this Academy has restored a four-year, eight-semester, graduation plan, in compliance of the policy of Ministry of Education. And military training is conducted after each academic semester every year.